Call for applications Afri’Kibaaru Closing date December 10, 2020 18:00

As part of the “Afri’Kibaaru” project, financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), CFI Agence française de développement médias proposes to support 48 media outlets in sub-Saharan Africa in producing new content – in African languages and in French – on sustainable development issues.


CFI is implementing, in partnership with France Médias Monde, the Afri’Kibaaru project to support the production and dissemination of information related to sustainable development, in several local languages, and the training of journalists in dealing with these issues. The training component of the “Afri’Kibaaru” project, operated by CFI, aims to strengthen the skills of a large network of African media and journalists in the field of information and facilitation of public debate on issues related to sustainable development. The project is being implemented in 6 countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad and Senegal. “Afri’Kibaaru” is a project financed by the French Development Agency (AFD).


The project aims to improve and perpetuate skills in the production and dissemination of reliable and attractive media content, and to offer selected media outlets opportunities to specialize in sustainable development issues. More specifically, the objective of the project is that the multi-lingual media offer in Africa should enable the populations to better understand the issues related to climate, health, education, gender equality, and more broadly to the objectives of sustainable development and to take an active part in the debates that concern them.

How the project will be carried out

The media training program is divided into six main components of activities that are organized by CFI over a 36-month period (beginning 2021 to December 2023).


Awareness seminar for pre-selected media managers

Training of journalists in the production of content on sustainable development

2021 – Cycle 1: Awareness and professionalization


2022 – Cycle 2: Design and production of attractive and innovative formats


2023 – Cycle 3: Design and production of specialized content and adapted formats


In situ accompaniment (coaching missions)

2021 – Cycle 1: Inventory, structuring and professionalization:


2022 – Cycle 2: Support for the design and production of attractive and innovative formats


2023 – Cycle 3: Support for the production of specialized content and adapted formats


Biannual competitions and production grants

International Conferences on Media and Sustainable Development (2021, 2023)

Putting you in contact with experts in sustainable development

Who is this call for applications addressed to?

The editorial offices that CFI wishes to support are those of media with national coverage or operating at the level of one or more regions of a country, and which are engaged in a reflection on the extension of their editorial strategy on the issues of sustainable development.


Eligible media and countries are :


Radio stations

Television channels

Online media integrating audiovisual modules into their editorial content

Participating essays must meet the following requirements:


The medium is produced in at least one African language;

The editorial team must be composed of at least 5 journalists;

One manager and 2 journalists must be committed to take part in the project activities (mastery of French required);

The management of the media has given its agreement.

The management of the media has given its agreement. The presentation of female candidates is strongly encouraged.


Selection procedure

Applications will be examined on the basis of transparent criteria mentioned below, by a jury involving CFI teams and African experts.


The selection will be carried out in two phases:


Pre-selection phase and seminar: The heads of the 80 media organizations pre-selected through this call for applications will be invited to participate in a seminar on media and sustainable development issues.

Final selection phase: 48 media will be selected by a jury on the basis of an editorial strategy on sustainable development issues, elaborated by each media after the seminar. A memorandum of understanding between CFI and each selected media will formalize the commitments within the framework of the project. The media not selected will be informed.

Documents to provide

2 Files to download:


The program grid of your media

The CV of the media manager.

In a second step, if your media is pre-selected, other documents will have to be provided:


The CVs of the 2 journalists;

The deontology and ethics charter (that of your media or that of the media in your country);

A letter of agreement signed by the management of the media.

Apply here:

Closing date December 10, 2020 18:00

Any questions?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send your request by e-mail to the following address:

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