In 2016, Arterial Network’s Capacity Building Project has focused primarily on the African Women in Cultural Leadership (AWCL), SHIRIKA (organizational health) and Cultural Management programmes.

African Women in Cultural Leadership (AWCL)
In a sector usually characterized by strong participation from women, women’s career progression often stalls before ascending to senior management and leadership levels in the Arts. The African Women in Cultural Leadership (AWCL) programme aims to identify and address the structural, economic, social and cultural barriers that discourage women from taking up leadership positions within Africa’s cultural industry. The pilot programme in Nairobi was made possible with seed funding support from Africalia.

To read the programme methodology, click here.

To read more about the 2016 pilot programme in Nairobi, click on the links below:

– Kenya | African Women Cultural Leadership: “We Do Not Apologize For Existing”
– South Africa | Empowering Women as Cultural Leaders Roundtable at NAF 2016
– First AWCL Public Seminar in Nairobi
– Cultural Leadership As An Arts Journalist | Getting My Feet Wet
– GoFundMe Campaign | Nyokabi Githahu, AWCL Mentee 2016
– AWCL Closing Ceremony 2016: Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Created in partnership between Arterial Network and Cultural Development Trust and with seed funding from Africalia, SHIRIKA’s vision is an African creative sector that is healthy, thriving economically and socially thanks to the sustainability, performance and governance of its organisations. The methodology and content of the programme is designed as a continuous and growing process from the input of both experts and beneficiaries.

To read the programme methodology, click here. To download the SHIRIKA Health Check, click here.

To read more about the 2016 pilot programme, click on the links below:

SHIRIKA Programme | Cape Town, Bulawayo and Kampala
– Arterial Network Interview July 2016 | Maria Kint, Cultural Development Trust
– SHIRIKA Health Check | An Essential Tool for Arts Organisations

Cultural Management
Arterial Network’s Cultural Management programme is geared towards creative entrepreneurs. It targets artists, arts administrators, managers, cultural officers, cultural planners and practitioners in Africa who feel the need to improve specific skills such as ability to write successful funding proposals, marketing their cultural products and strategic management of their projects and events. The programme aims to promote continuing professionalisation of the sector and limiting the dependence on foreign expertise through local workshops and courses. Arterial Network’s Cultural Management programme is funded by Stichting DOEN and AFRICALIA.

To read more about the programme, click on the links below:

 Nigeria | Launch of Cultural Management Programme July 2016
– Cultural Management Programme | Central Africa, Togo and Nigeria
– Cultural Management Programme | Swaziland and Nigeria
– Interview September 2016 | Jean-Luc Gbati Sonhaye, Business Lawyer and Cultural Engineer
Summer School for the Arts in Benin

To know more about the 2016 programmes, click here to watch the review video.

Workshops informed by the above mentioned best practise toolkits are implemented by Arterial Network affiliates and partners in the different countries. Use of the materials by non-affiliated organisations is encouraged; hard copies of the materials can be obtained through the secretariat, please contact