Our Affiliates

Arterial Network is represented across the continent through its membership structures and various partnerships with organizations and networks active in the creative sector. This enables Arterial Network and its members to engage with all aspects of the creative sector across disciplines, borders and regions to build more connectivity across the continent, catalyze collaborative opportunities and address key challenges at continental levels with a long-term commitment to sustained change.
Arterial Network is a membership-based organization with over 5,000 members from 50 African countries recorded in 2014. Meet some of them here and join our family!


As of 2020, Arterial Network has official representation in:

NORTH AFRICA: Mauritania and Morocco

WEST AFRICA: Mali, Sénégal, Togo and Côte d’Ivoire

EASTERN AFRICA: Seychelles and Uganda

CENTRAL AFRICA: Cameroon, Chad and Congo Brazzaville

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Mozambique and Zimbabwe