The FICCA is an international platform to showcase creative industries from Africa and beyond. It consists in creating an institutional framework for exchange, sharing and meeting among professionals of the creative sector in order to stimulate exchanges and collaboration between actors, practitioners and cultural organizations, thus creating the opportunity to present the best practices and innovations of the moment that can help boost the African creative sector.

The objective of the FICCA is to expose about forty cultural enterprises of the continent and its diaspora for 3 days. The FICCA is also a space for reflection, exchange and conference on best practices of the continent. During the fair, professionals, cultural actors and artists will meet in the framework of speed-meeting (B to B) in order to get to know each other better and create fruitful partnership relationships.

Arterial Network’s Cultural and Creative Industries Fair is organized for professionals, practitioners, artists, enterprises operating in the creative and cultural sector on the continent and its diaspora. It will be rotating and will take place every two years in one of the five regions of the African continent.

A call for applications will be launched to select the most innovative professionals on the continent and cultural industries that wish to exchange and share their experience.


Arterial Network’s first Cultural and Creative Industries Fair will focus on two main components:

  • Exhibition of about 40 cultural enterprises from the continent and the Diaspora.
  • Debates, Exchanges & Conferences on best practices from the continent and elsewhere.
  • Speed-meetings: B to B meetings between the cultural companies, professionals, cultural actors and artists.
  • Music performances: Music bands will perform at this fair.