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Be Come A Member


    The benefits to Arterial Network members may include support for touring, funding and other opportunities created for members; access to the network’s extensive database, its website and newsletter to distribute information and marketing material; receiving regular newsletters and preferential news alerts about benefits, project tenders, partnerships and opportunities; priority status when allocating project tenders and other income-generating opportunities; support in lobbying governments and submitting cultural policy revisions; and participation in Arterial Network events and training courses at no expense or at reduced costs.

    Affiliated organisations and members, through respecting the obligations of the Arterial Network Constitution, may have the opportunity to run for the Continental Steering Committee elections and participate by vote on the major decisions pertaining to the network.


    Arterial Network members can be found across the continent working across all arts disciplines and fields. Membership is open to any African artist, arts practitioner, cultural NGO, organisation or enterprise based in Africa that subscribes to Arterial Network’s aims and agrees to abide by its principles.

    Individual and organisational membership applications should be addressed to your national affiliate structure. Please refer to THE NETWORK page to find your local affiliate’s contact information. If you do not have a national representative of Arterial Network in your country, you may submit your details on this page to be stored in the Continental Secretariat’s database.

    If Arterial Network is not currently represented in your country and your organisation wishes to apply for affiliate membership, please submit a request for an application form to Please note that annual affiliate membership is subject to an annual membership fee of 300 EUROS.