Capacity Building / Training Hub

Capacity Building

In order to develop skills within the creative sector, Arterial Network has run numerous training workshops incorporating African experts who are equipped to address pertinent issues, such as organizational health for arts organizations (the SHIRIKA programme), the ins-and-outs of Cultural Management, and the numerous barriers that discourage women from taking up leadership positions (African Women in Cultural Leadership programme – AWCL).

Since 2017, Arterial Network has initiated the creation of African Training Hubs, currently being developed in three geographical areas, namely Abidjan, Nairobi and Harare. Partnerships are in progress with major African training institutes operating in the sector to carry out training and mentoring activities, involving cultural sector professionals.

Arterial Network has also published multiple, open-source toolkits that are available online here, covering topics such as Arts Fundraising, Arts Advocacy and Networking, Arts Marketing, and Project Management.

Training Hub

Through its capacity building policy, Arterial Network initiated in October 2015 Training Hubs. Indeed, for this first year, Arterial Network has identified three regional hubs that will host the sub-regional training sessions: – Nairobi (for East and Central Africa), Harare (for Southern Africa) and Abidjan (for West and North Africa). And in each hub, we have identified specialized, recognized and proven organizations in the field of training to work with Arterial Network. These regional trainings will provide an opportunity for affiliated members from the same region to get to know each other and share best practices.