KYA Network (Mali)

The KYA Network, a network of cultural organizations in Mali, was born out of the desire of its members to set up a space for reflection and analysis of cultural issues. Today, the network includes 30 Malian cultural organizations from different fields of arts and culture.

Réseau KYA BP 39 – Ségou – République du Mali Tél: (00 223) 21 32 28 90 / Mobiles : 76 34 61 61 / 76 16 14 00

Espace Yaro (Congo-Brazza)

Created in 1999, the Espace Culturel Yaro is a cultural enterprise intended to supervise and support artists as well as to promote and broadcast their performances. It works in the field of performing arts. Its activities focuses on 3 main components: Training; Distribution, External services. It is the organizer of the Pointe-Noire International Music and Arts Festival N’Sangu Ndji-Ndji. It is based in Pointe-Noire and is the national representative of Arterial Network in Congo-Brazzaville.

BP 53 05 Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville / Tel: 00242 05 557 34 55 / 00242 06 678 80 16 / Email :

Assalama lekoum Cultures (Mauritania)

The Assalamalekoum Cultures project, through its multiple axes of intervention, aims to promote the meeting of artists from various backgrounds (especially those residing on the African continent), the training and collaboration of cultural actors in the sub-region, through residencies between artists from different countries, workshops and professional meetings, to promote the creation and professionalization of actors in the cultural and artistic environment.

Address: TEVRAGH Zeina, ZRE 93 Nouakchott Mauritania | Website: | Phone: +222 46 44 39 54

Afrikayna (Morocco)

Afrikayna is an association for intercultural exchange, development and cooperation in Africa. The organization aims among other things to promote artistic and cultural partnerships and cooperation between Morocco and other African countries, to contribute to the development of cultural and creative industries through co-production, promotion and dissemination.

Address: 6 street Abou Abass El Azfi – Residence Youssef – n°10 – 5th floor Maârif – Casablanca, Morocco / Email: /

RECAF (Chad)

The Cultural and Artistic Network for Training and La Francophonie, which has become “Redynamiser par la Culture, l’Art et la Formation”, is a cultural, artistic and literary organization, created on June 22, 1999 in N’Djaména. It brings together cultural actors (artists, venues and structures) who share a common action. It is part of an action process integrating the search for cultural identity and building the loyalty of a local audience, alongside structuring and professionalization of the cultural actors and artists involved. It also offers the opportunity for creation, training and / or integration into networks (national and international), as well as the circulation of artists and their works. For the implementation of its program of action, RECAF has a Space for Creation and Musical Support, a hip hop movement every February and the NdjamVi Festival.

N’Djaména – TCHAD, BP 4556 / Tel. : +235 66 29 40 79 / 99 29 40 79 / 77 29 40 79 /E-mail : /


It is a non-profit associative organization governed by the law of July 1, 1901. Its purpose is to promote culture in Togo and Africa. Its leitmotif is culture as a lever for socio-economic development in developing countries. Since its creation in 2006, the Heinrich Klose Association has aimed to promote culture in Togo through support for cultural businesses and the development of innovative cultural strategies and initiatives. The Heinrich Klose Association promotes the development of cultural eco-projects, a pledge of sustainable development in developing countries.

Address: Avédji Wessomé, carrefour Gros bras, derrière CEFOP ASA 13 BP 509 Lomé TOGO / Tél : (+228) 91 15 21 95 / 22 25 30 09 / /

ADAFEST (Senegal)

ADAFEST is a cultural federation which brings together distribution structures and festivals across Senegal. Its main objective is to professionalize the sector. This platform was created in order to respond to the problems encountered by cultural actors: difficulties in accessing funding, harmonization of the calendar of the cultural agenda, training and decentralization of cultural activities which are, for most of the time, concentrated in the capital city. ADAFEST is therefore positioned as a platform for dialogue, consultation, experience sharing, mutual aid and solidarity between all cultural actors to find solutions to the problems inherent in the sector.

Address: Dakar, Sénégal / / Tel : +221 77 27 48 418

Groupe Éfrouba pour la Culture (Côte d’Ivoire)

Groupe Éfrouba pour la Culture (GREC) is a non-profit cultural association, created on June 15, 2015 in Grand-Lahou, which organizes in this area, among other activities, an annual book festival, an invaluable opportunity for the populations of discover the works of the participating writers and discuss with them the importance of books and reading. It is the organizer of the Éfrouba Book Festival of Grand-Lahou, and the national representative of Arterial Network in Côte d’Ivoire since March 2020.

Address: Yopougon Niangon Sud | Abidjan | Ivory Coast | Phone: (+225) 59 59 14 94/07 16 75 94 | Email:

Arterial Network (Seychelles)

The Seychelles National Affiliate was officially launched in 2011 and its aim is to support and develop the arts in Seychelles across the broadest range of activities through the direct involvement of practitioners. Arterial Network Seychelles is also collaborated with the Seychelles Art Projects Foundation in order to open the first Seychelles Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015. This project will bring the Arts of Seychelles to an international audience and consolidate Seychellois artists at an international level.

Address: Mahé, Seychelles | Email: |  Tel : +248 2 584 227

Arterial Network Mozambique

Arterial Network Mozambique is a private and non-profit entity is created under the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 76, of law 8/91 of 18 July, which approves the right to free association in Mozambique, being which in its genesis is made up of cultural journalists, managers, promoters, musicians, dancers, poets, filmmakers, theater agents, visual artists, stylists, researchers, in short, all practitioners and makers of culture. It appears as a contributor to the promotion of arts and culture, with the challenges of strengthening the national artistic mosaic through direct partnerships with centers for the dissemination of knowledge, national associations and all those directly or indirectly linked to the arts and culture.

Arterial Network TOGO

Arterial Network Togo (AN TOGO) is the Togolese section of Arterial Network. It brings together artists and organizations from the Togolese cultural and creative sector. Created on November 15, 2010, it is one of the first federal organizations of artists and actors in the cultural and creative sector in Togo. It was born from the desire of culture professionals, organizations and lovers of culture and the arts to participate in the revitalization and structuring of the Togolese and African creative sector. Today, AN TOGO brings together around twenty cultural and creative organizations and structures as well as more than fifty artists, professionals and cultural amateurs in Togo. AN TOGO has carried out and / or participated since its creation in the realization of several cultural and artistic activities in Togo and internationally. The General Secretariat of AN TOGO is provided by the Heinrich Klose Association which houses its headquarters.


Address: Avédji Wessomé, carrefour Gros bras, derrière CEFOP ASA, 13 BP 509 Lomé TOGO, Tél. : (228) 22 25 12 75 / 93 73 04 60,